Watch the compilation of our patients visual field test reports with comparison of before&after The Stargardt Disease Treatment. These medical reports are the ultimate medical evidences, representing the success of our stargardt’s treatment method!

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Dr. Osman Firatli Stargardt Disease Treatment (Patient Success Videos)

Castelli (27) is a Stargardt’s Disease Patient who was under treatment in our clinic this year. On this first video, he explains about his disease and the improvements he felt during the treatment. His second video shows the improvements on medical tests that compares his current visual field with the one before we started the therapy.

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Stargardt Disease Treatment Experiences By Stargardt’s Patients

Reachel – Stargardt Disease Treatment Review

Stargardt Disease Treatment – Patient From USA

Edmond – Stargardt Disease Treatment Review

Watch the video of Edmond, his experiences and changes during the treatment of macular degeneration with Electro-Acupuncture Therapy.

Bahar – Stargardt Disease Treatment Review

Watch how Bahar describes the changes on her vision and the effects to her daily life after Dr. Osman Firatli’s Macular Dystrophy Treatment Method. (French; English Subtitles)

Neil – Macular Dystrophy Treatment Review

Neil comes from South Africa, Stargardt’s Disease patient since early adulthood. He had a marvellous response to our therapy and had excellent improvements. Listen to his experiences in FIRATLI CLINIC / İstanbul – TURKEY (with Dr. Osman Firatli Stargardt Disease Treatment Method)

Hassan – Macular Degeneration Treatment Review

In this video Mr.Hassan, The father of our patient explains her daughters treatment experience and improvements with Stargardt Disease Treatment Electro Acupuncture Therapy in FIRATLI CLINIC.

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