Good improvement, very satisfy, thank you so much! stargardt

I am Patrick from Slovakia and I am a stargardt patient. I was treated by Dr. Osman Firatli and my vision was improved. I see differences when navigatin my phone and the anoying blue rings what I saw is away. My sight is also much more quiet than before. I met a lot of people from all around the world. There was dozen people from USA, Africa and also Europe. So I can definitely recommend everyone this amazing clinic and Dont be worry, dont be negative. Doctors are perfect and they help you with everything you will need.

Stargardt - 3.7.2014 - 1.9.2014

Excellent Results - Stargardt Disease Treatment

Dr.Osman Firatli trully helped  treating my daughter Danga's both eyes from Stargardt disease, both of her eyes showed remarkable improvements, we are delightful of these improvement, we look forward to return to Istanbul and continue the treatment of Danga's both eyes as she had this disease since she was 8 years old and she is now 32 years old, nevertheless she improved tremendosely and we seek more InshaAllah.

Stargardt Disease Treatment

Hassan Al Binali
Stargardt disease - 4.5.2014-27.6.2014

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Karl Adminton

Thanks to Dr. Osman Fıratlı for Stargardt Disease Treatment.

Karl Adminton
Stargart Disease - 10.01.2001 - 10.02.2001

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