Stargardt’s Disease (Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy) and its Treatment

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  4. Treatment of Stargardt Disease with Electro-Acupuncture Method of Dr.Osman FIRATLI
Stargardt disease, or fundus flavimaculatus, is an inherited form of juvenile macular degeneration that causes progressive vision loss usually to a level of blindness. The progression usually starts between the ages of eight and twelve years old and slows down a little after rapid reduction in visual acuity. Several genes are associated with the disorder. Symptoms include wavy vision, blind spots, blurriness, impaired color vision, and difficulty adapting to dim lighting and appear usually between twelve and twenty years of age. History of Stargardt Disease: The disease was discovered by a german ophthalmologist Karl Stargardt in 1909. Later it was discovered that mutations in the ABCA 4 gene causes Stargardt Disease. Due to the produced dysfunctional protein by the mutated gene ; energy transport from and to the photoreceptor cells was paralyzed and results in dysfunction of photoreceptor cells. Genetics:
  • STGD1: The most common form of Stargardt disease is the recessive form caused by mutations in the ABCA4 gene.
  • STGD3: There is also a rare dominant form of Stargardt disease caused by mutations in the ELOVL4 gene.
  • STGD4: Associated with PROM1.
  1. Pathophysiology

    The ATP-binding cassette transponder is defective and leads to a build up of a toxic metabolite called lipofuscine in the retinal pigmented epithelium. The form of Stargardt’s disease that involves a butterfly pattern of dystrophy is caused by a mutation in a gene that codes a membrane bound protein that is involved in the elongation of very long chain fatty acids. Accumulation of Lipofuscine in the retina cells and surrounding area causes damage of the surrounding area and the photoreceptor cells ; resulting in decreased color vision, loss of visual acuity and blind spots occurrence. In later stages of Stargardt the appearance of a ‘’ beaten metal ‘’ macula is typical . Because of the produced dysfunctional protein by the mutated gene ; energy transport from and to the photoreceptor cells was paralyzed and results in dysfunction of photoreceptor cells.
  2. Sign and Symptoms

    The main symptom of Stargardt Disease is loss of visual acuity, which may range from 20/50 to 20/200 . Other common symptoms are :
    • sensitivity to glare
    • central vision loss ( center of retina and focus of vision is damaged ; leaving peripheral vision more intact ) : central vision loss is mostly responsible for the inability of reading by Stargardt Disease patients.
    • wavy vision
    • blind spots
    • bluriness
    • impaired color vision
    • difficulty adapting to dim lighting
    • Strabismus (cross-eye) : cross-eye can occur by most of the patients with Stargardt Disease.
    • depth perception failure : patients may have difficulties in discrimination of two objects that have a certain distance between each other. Patients see these objects as if they are aligned.
    • come and go vision : some patients with Stargardt are complaining about fast disappearing and reappearing of objects wearing sunglasses to protect themselves from sunlight
    Mothers with Stargardt Disease often complain about inability to keeping any eye contact with their children’s.
  3. Stargardt Diagnose

    Patients who suffer from some of the signs and symptoms of Stargardt Disease are candidates to carry the disease. Stargardt Disease can be diagnosed by ophthalmologic controls and visual field tests specific for Macula are also very important for the diagnose and prognosis of Stargardt Disease.
  4. Treatment of Stargardt Disease with Electro-Acupuncture Method of Dr.Osman FIRATLI in Firatli Clinic

    We offer Electro-Acupuncture treatment for patients with Stargardt Disease . Our treatment has shown its effectiveness of regaining the photoreceptors functions with more than 1000 patients with Stargardt Disease ; more than 5000 patients Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt Patients . The treatment and its success has been presented in several World-Congresses since 2007 with the medical evidences of our own patients; comparing their own visual field tests just before the treatment and after the treatment to indicate the improvement on both peripheral and central vision. On this web-site you can view some videos of their own; presenting their own vision field test compare and how they benefited from our treatment.

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    Some World-Congress presentations, vision field test presentations and other videos can also be viewed on our web-site.Click here to congress…

    Success rate

    In medicine stopping the patient from getting worse is seen as a great success. For us ; we describe our success of treatment if any improvement of visual field test of patient is present. In this aspect, our success rate is more than 95 percent and the improving effect of our treatment is permanent. So the improvement thanks to our treatment is expected not to be damaged again. Our treatment method and strategies are unique!
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    my name is Adriana Tietzsch , my daughter is ten years old.has stargardt disease, have you ever treat kids??? do your treatment works inkids????
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